We are a team consisting 100% of volunteers who are looking to help connect

Frontline Healthcare Workers and First Responders

(in temporary need of an RV to safely quarantine)

with RV Owners who are willing to lend out their RVs

at no cost to these frontline heroes.

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Frontline HEROES!

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We Help You Find Temporary Living

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RVs4MDs and all linked groups/pages, including Admins and all Volunteers, are not responsible whatsoever for set-up, take-down, delivery, lot/site fees, damages, cleaning costs, upkeep, maintenance, or any other financial responsibility or burden resulting from loaning and or using an RV/camper loaned/borrowed via a connection originating in this group. We are here as a resource to connect interested parties, but all agreements, terms, use guidelines, and so forth are strictly between the RV/Camper owner and the temporary occupant. All parties participate at their own discretion and risk. Any financial obligations (i.e. Cleaning Costs) expected should be clearly disclosed in writing and agreed to up front with signature by RV/Camper Owner and Occupant/Borrowing Medical Provider. This site serves solely as an online matchmaking connection service to assist those who freely, willing, and on their own accord want to loan their legally owned, legally registered, up to code, mobile living device ie. RV/Camper, with those claiming to be frontline medical workers in need. Any such claim, ie. medical worker, is at the full liability of said person. Owners are highly encouraged to attain background checks and attain a contract with signatures clearly stating the terms and conditions agreed upon with occupant/borrower.